What noises has your car been making lately? Preventative Maintenance Mechanic In Dandenong that&#39

We all know the sounds I'm talking about, groans, whining, whirring, tapping and screeching and the occasional belch and no I'm no just talking about the kids although you could argue that at times they produce the same annoying sounds.

Is your car trying to communicate with you? No your not hearing things our cars often try to gain our attention when things are not working the way they should. Have you noticed how the sounds get louder when we ignore them? Kind of like a warning system. Fix Me or I'll combust or self destruct and just plain break down and leave you stranded.

I've had many a new customer call to describe some rather interesting sounds coming from their vehicles.

Brakes scrape and grind, Belts sequel rather loudly so that whilst your out shopping everyone turns around and glares at you like your the one making the noise. Yes you know what I'm talking about.

You see when I'm out shopping I hear every car sound imaginable, driving my wife nuts as I tell her that person's brakes are down to the metal or the drive belts need to be replaced to prevent engine damage. Then there's s the tappet sound, tap, tap, tap.....I have to restrain myself from yelling out Hey mate feed your engine and change the oil before your engine seizes. Don't get me started about brake lights being out that's a whole chapter that one and I see it every day........Globes are not expensive and usually get changed at service intervals.

You see I can't help myself after 30 years in the industry those sounds tell me a lot about the condition of your vehicle and I know just about every sound and relatable mechanical issue and that's even before I lift the bonnet.

If you have a noisy car come and see me at Car Service Dandenong or call and I dare you to reproduce those sounds over the phone don't be shy I've heard them all before and I promise I wont laugh after all it may be a serious issue but then again it could be straight forward.

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